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    All prices are in NZD, including GST.

    Great! You’ve chosen Inspire Wireless

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    A standard installation of Inspire Wireless is $249 inc GST which includes installing an Inspire subscriber unit and supplying an Inspire Net WiFi router at no extra charge *. Our WiFi router is a device that we have tested to produce the best results with an Inspire Net Wireless connection and it remains the property of Inspire Net.

    1. Now choose your data plan

    The fine print

    * All equipment supplied remains the property of Inspire Net. Inspire Net will manage the router, and configuration changes can only be performed by Inspire Net. Inspire will supply a replacement if your equipment fails.

    A $200 inc GST charge will be added to your final account if your router is not returned should you choose to disconnect from Inspire.

    2. Select a speed

    3. What if you go over your data cap?

    No problem. We have two options to choose from if you reach your data cap. You can either:

    4. About your property

    Our consent form will be emailed to you on completion of your application and we require your signed consent before any installation is arranged. If you are not the owner of the property, consent will need to be gained from the owner.

    The fine print

    Should you disconnect within the minimum 12 month contract period a disconnection fee of $99 incl GST will apply.

    Please note that Inspire Wireless is not available in all areas, and trees and buildings may also block line of sight. While all new connection requests are based on being a standard installation, all applications are subject to a feasibility study at the time you apply to ensure suitability. There may be additional charges for more complex installations and we cannot be completely sure of availability until the feasibility study has been completed and the connection has been tested on site and to our standards.

    5. Add a Voice over IP phone line

    Inspire does not offer traditional POTS (plain old telephone service), but if you still require a phone land line, we can deliver this over your Internet connection with us. You can keep your old phone number, and also get lots of modern features like voice mail and caller ID on your phone all as part of the standard service.

    The important part:
    Inspire Voice is a phone service which, unlike a traditional phone service, requires a working internet connection and mains power to function. We therefore do not guarantee that our service will always be available and advise customers to have a separate voice service (e.g. landline or mobile) and/or a battery backup for emergency calls. Many services, such as monitored alarm systems and medical alerts, will not function over VOIP. If you have any services that rely on a phone line we strongly suggest contacting your services provider to confirm whether their service can be adapted to work over our internet connection.

    The fine print

    Any minutes not included in your base option are charged at the following rates:
    Additional local calls » 2c per min | Additional national calls » 10c per min | Additional mobile calls » 16c per min
    * The international destinations (landlines only, unless stated) included in the Voice Chat package are: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Brunei Mobile, Canada, Chile, China, China Mobile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Mobile, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Singapore Mobile, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand Mobile, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (USA).
    Click here for a complete list of our international toll rates.

    Plan summary

      All prices are in NZD, including GST.