Voice Over IP

Inspire does not offer traditional POTS (plain old telephone service), but if you still require a phone land line, we can deliver this over your Internet connection with us. You can keep your old phone number, and also get lots of modern features like voice mail and caller ID on your phone all as part of the standard service.

We can deliver your phone over ip from $15 per month.

Click here to download our Voice feature codes flier to help you to make the most of your new voice system.

Current Inspire Net customer?
Give us a call on 0800 484 363 to add VOICE to your account, or click here to register your interest and request a call back.

The important part:
Inspire Voice is a phone service which, unlike a traditional phone service, requires a working internet connection and mains power to function. We therefore do not guarantee that our service will always be available and advise customers to have a separate voice service (e.g. landline or mobile) and/or a battery backup for emergency calls. Many services, such as monitored alarm systems and medical alerts, will not function over VOIP. If you have any services that rely on a phone line we strongly suggest contacting your services provider to confirm whether their service can be adapted to work over our internet connection.

Click here for a complete list of our international toll rates.