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The table above is a guide only, and displays some ways download allocation can be used, in order to help you to choose a plan that best suits your needs.

The variable nature of the internet means your actual connection speeds may vary depending on many factors, such as WiFi signal strength, the performance of your device, your distance from an exchange or wireless tower and many more! Sometimes getting a fast internet connection can be a tricky business, especially in a lot of rural areas, which is where our wireless service could be your best option.

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* Available traffic caps vary between Wireless and other plans. See our signup pages for further details.

** Inspire Net has a fair use policy on its flat rate plans. We define this as a situation where, in our opinion, the cost of providing the service(s) greatly exceeds the price that the service is being sold for. In these situations, we reserve the right to contact you to discuss alternative options, or to exit the service early, by giving you 30 days’ notice and we will not enforce any early disconnect penalty. Any charges for hardware not returned will still stand as per your contract with Inspire Net.