Community Champion Initiative

The Inspire Net Community Champion initiative

is a way to use Inspire’s local knowledge and resources to offer rural communities an efficient, fast and reliable internet service.

Using wireless access point transmitter towers, Inspire has so far installed over 200 of them in the greater Manawatu area giving fast, affordable connectivity to homes that may not have had any, or few, options to choose from before.

The Community Champion for an area is a local person who helps co-ordinate, collect and distribute information to and from their neighbours, and Inspire Net, to see if it’s viable for Inspire Net to build a new tower.  This can involve talking with Inspire, setting up community meetings where Inspire come and talk about what it takes to connect, or collecting information from keen neighbours and keeping everyone up to date with the project.  As a minimum we need 10 houses physically located in a relatively close proximity to each other (preferably within a 20 kilometre radius, or within the same valley).  The Community Champion is Inspire Net’s point of contact and will be kept up-to-date from start to finish and the process can take between 12-14 weeks depending on the seasons, weather conditions and schedules of both parties.

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Champion please read through our information brochure below, fill out the form in the brochure and send it through to us, or call our Helpdesk on 0800 484 363 for more information and to register your details.

Please note: connecting to Inspire Net depends on having a Line of Sight from your property to the wireless tower.  We cannot guarantee a connection is available until we have undertaken a feasibility study.


Community Champion Brochure

For more information please read through our brochure here.